About Me

About Me

Have you ever heard that song “I can see clearly now the rain has gone” well that was what I felt when I realized what my gifts were. We all have gifts. Let me help you find yours.

I have a high vibrational energy with different abilities to tap into your situation. With these abilities I teach you to let go of things not serving you but always remain true to yourself.

I have experience in Reiki – I am a Reiki Master, Bodytalker, angel intuitiveness, card reading, mediumship, channelling, galactic realms, oils, crystals, energy healing and releasing, past life work, EFT (emotional freedom technique) Life Coach and much more. I am also an AAEP( Advanced Angel Empowerment Practioner).

“I am a conduit of information and clarity for the ones who need it. As a mom and animal lover it is in my nature to use GAIA and be a nurturer and teacher. I am here to give you guidance so you can see clearly, so you can hear your team of angels, guides, spirits and guide you to whatever else you need.

You can’t fail at being YOU